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On his way back to the Planet Ork, Robin Williams | Guest Post by Panayiotis

It’s a bit of a sad day.  Like most of you, I heard the news of Comic and Actor Robin Williams who allegedly commited suicide early yesterday morning.  This is very sad, as Williams had continued to get help to try to deal with his demons.  Sadly, he lost the battle, and the world has […]

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Before Midnight

Years ago when we just had three or four TV channels to choose from, late one night I remember watching a movie called ‘Before Sunrise’. It was such a great film, very unusual with a lot of talking between the two main characters who met on a train, had a magical night together and then […]

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YouTube Old Code Creator

I don’t know about you but I get really annoyed when people change things that have worked for years….  the latest is YouTube have removed the old embed code on some of the video’s.. well thankfully these guys have come to the rescue and made it very simple to add your YouTube link and hey […]

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Rare Stamps: Reflections on Living, Breathing, and Acting by Terence Stamp

I read the first Terence Stamp autobiographies in the 80’s and just loved his introspection then, so imagine my joy when I discovered ‘Rare Stamps’ a journey through the thoughts of Mr Stamp whilst he was making some of his brilliant movies, but also when he wasn’t, on his travels around India and the wisdom […]

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Video on your website

Adding video to your website can enhance your message through the spoken word, and gives the client the opportunity to identify with you. If you would like a video for your site give me a call 07795 170193    

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Eat Pray Love – Review

Eat, Pray, Love  Ryan Murphy * Runtime 274 minutes 2010 Based on the memoir of Elizabeth Gilbert.  I haven’t read the book but feel after watching the film, I will!  We had no idea what it was about, so had no preconceptions and really enjoyed it!  Julia Roberts was her usual brilliant self… I could […]

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Jane Austin Book Club – film review

We watched this film a few years ago and I really liked it, so decided to order it again… It’s a quirky tale of a group of friends who are all going through their issues, it starts with a funeral of one of their dogs!!! Then a marriage breakdown, a tearful visit to the cinema, […]

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Blue Valentine – film review

I had seen this reviewed by the brilliant Claudia Winkleman on film 2011. I seem to recall she gave it a good review but hey it was very late at night!  I’m not sure Barry Norman would have been so kind!   The film takes us on the relationship journey of Dean and Cindy. You […]

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How to save youtube videos onto a mac

Just go to this website, add the URL add the file type you would like to get at the end of it, pop your e-mail in and hey presto in a few moments an e-mail appears and you download the video,!  genius and oh so simple

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Victim by John Coldstream – review

Victim by John Coldstream My rating: 4 of 5 stars Recently the BFI had a Dirk Bogarde season. To tie in with this they produced a brilliant little book, all about a rather brilliant film – ‘Victim’ . The book is written by John Coldstream, who was a perfect choice for the task, as he […]

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