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The Doors by Christine Seddon

Half a century ago, in what seems like a different lifetime through the mists of a foregone millennium I was one of the lucky ones who went to see THE DOORS at the Carousel Theatre in West Covina, California. Three songs I can recall hearing all the time on the radio. Riders of the Storm, […]

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Eddi Reader: Sweet Mountain

How It Came To Be That Eddi Sang ‘Sweet Mountain’….. Whilst I was driving home from work on a glorious hot summer’s afternoon in 2001, I turned the radio on; Steve Wright, I don’t normally listen to the radio, but for some reason, there he was…. I tuned in just as he announced that after the […]

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The Beach Boys Royal Albert Hall 31/5/15

When the date of this concert was announced all those months ago I thought ‘what a wonderful birthday prezzie for me’ as my birthday is the 1st of June.  The Beach Boys have been a part of my birthdays since I was 7 – most years a tape or LP would form part of my […]

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‘Smile’ memories first published in ‘Stomp’ 131 Summer 2004

So I am sitting here listening to my ‘copy’ of the Smile live concert! Reliving those great great gigs, here is the view from here for you! Well as best as I can remember it… Here goes…. Last year it was announced on the net that Brian would be coming over again… This time to […]

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If music be the food of love…….

It`s been said before but yes I do seem to have many strings to my bow, but always a  joy to walk down my musical memory lane for a little while… But before I set off, I should just remember that as a “cookie queen” these days dear readers, some of you may not know […]

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Record Store Day 2015

It was with keen anticipation that we headed off to Berwick Street for the Annual Record Store Day. We were hoping to go to St Albans fab new record store, Empire Records but alas they had kindly emailed me to tell me they had not received their copies of the Brian Wilson 45, which was […]

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Guest Post Panayiotis Record Stores

Hello Friend and Music Lover– There’s a new documentary about TOWER RECORDS coming out in the next week or two.   Here’s a great article about the store and check out the voice over by John Lennon below.  Quite cool. Those of us who remember stores like these….I suppose we do get emotional about them all disappearing.  […]

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Guest Post: THAT’S MY SONG! by John Cee Stannard

or WHAT HAVE YOU GOT? You have a great idea … You have lousy timing … What have you got? … … Nothing … or have you? Several years ago I was watching a TV talent show and thought there should be a show specifically for songwriters – I even had a name for the […]

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Beach Boys Stomp Convention 2014 Marilyn Wilson-Rutherford Special Guest

It was with great anticipation that we set forth to go to this year’s Beach Boy Convention. The guest was Marilyn Wilson-Rutherford, who had very kindly visited us ten years previously and had been a brilliant guest! So I was very much looking forward to hearing her stories and saying hello to her again. For those […]

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Kate Bush Before The Dawn | Opening Night (spoilers)

To quote the great lady herself….. WOW! The anticipation for this gig as you all know was rather immense. I really felt for Ms Bush wondering how on earth she must be feeling as I cast my eyes down to my watch and saw it was five minutes till kick off. Then all of a […]

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