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John Cee Stannard – Remembers Tudor Lodge

With the release of my debut solo recording; the “Doob Doo” album, it is strange to think that this comes 42 years after the release of my first album with Tudor Lodge.  And as we recorded that Vertigo album in the spring of 1971, we never imagined that decades later it would enjoy cult status […]

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Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse – Book Review

This book just kept popping up everywhere, I read about it, heard songs that were inspired by it and saw pictures of it… so as they say in Twin Peaks; if three things happen pertaining to the same event one must pay strict attention, so I downloaded J I have read Herman Hesse many years […]

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Inferno Dan Brown – review

Inferno Dan Brown I awaited this book with great anticipation. I love a good thriller, in fact it was Dan Brown that brought me back to reading novels having lost myself in biographies for a number of years. Let’s face it you know what you are going to get with a Dan Brown book, but is […]

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Ray Manzarek Obituary in The Guardian with James Crowther’s interview

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Angelopolis by Danielle Trussoni

Angelopolis by Danielle Trussoni My rating: 3 of 5 stars Danielle Trussoni’s follow up to her hugely successful first novel Angelology finds us ten years after the close of the last book, an awful lot seems to have happened in those ten years, our hero Verlaine is now an experienced Angelogist himself and the world […]

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Ellamore, Synchronicity and Sweet Mountain

I am pondering synchronicity … years and years ago I did a tape for Eddi Reader and put all sorts if my favourite songs on there that I hoped she would like, little did I know that that simple act, meant that ten years later she recorded one of the tracks on the tape, Sweet […]

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Carli Muňoz answers my questions about his time with Beach Boys

I would love to know how you first got to play with the Beach Boys In the late 1960s I was living in NYC. It was in 1969 I that got an invitation from my friend and roommate Jack Rieley to accompany him to LA, California for the weekend. At first I declined the invitation […]

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RODRIGUEZ by Stephen Kalinich

One of the highlights of the year for me in 2012 was opening for Rodriguez at the El Rey in Los Angeles. I performed 07 Be Still from my Album with Brian Wilson A World Of Peace Must Come Alan Boyd played the organ and Tracy Landecker helped me with the performance and my friend Jill Jarrett […]

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Chat with Stephen Kalinich, Jon Tiven and James Crowther Spreecast today file under hilarious

Two legends, Sixto Rodriguez and Stephen John Kalinich,© Light In The Atic  

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Love when all seems against you – Stephen Kalinich’s New Years Message

Love when all seems against you love when you see violence in the world love in your every day life express love in acts done in quiet moments with no witness love is vast never falters love gives dance to sorrow comfort to one who struggles forgiveness is loves child grace in all your movements […]

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