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The 37th Beach Boys Stomp

Unbelievable as it may seem a year has rolled past since Joanne and Bobby came to see us from California, and we are once again to be found convening in the Visitation Parish Centre in sunny…… Greenford.  This year we were in for another treat, Alan Boyd had come to see us, bringing with him film and […]

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Beach Boys Stomp 2015 Bobby and Joanne Figueroa

So another year rolls swiftly past, and another fine Beach Boys Stomp Convention under our belt! This year we were treated to the wonderful company of not one but two guests. Bobby and Joanne Figueroa, Bobby was The Beach Boys drummer for over 15 years, and played with them at some pretty amazing gigs, one […]

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California Music Show featuring Brian Wilson

Anyone who knows me knows that my world stops on Sundays between 5 and 7 as my wonderful chum Mike Grant host’s his brilliant ‘California Music Show’ on BigglesFM, each week he featured a listeners ‘Santa Catalina Island Songs’ in which they choose their fav Californian songs, this week, big drum roll please… he has […]

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Mike Grant’s Stomp Letters Late 80’s

It was in 1986/87 that I first discovered The Beach Boys Stomp magazine,  I wanted to know all about my fav band, of course this was in the days before the internet, so what better way than to write to the editor, one Mike Grant, little did I know then that all these years later we […]

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Pacific Ocean Park (a transatlantic conversation with Domenic Priore, Christopher Merrit and Michael Kemp)

It’s been seven years since Domenic Priore’s last dip into the waves with his excellent  “Riot on Sunset Strip” opus (2007) so it’s a pleasure to report he’s now back and has joined forces with Christopher Merritt to produce “Pacific Ocean Park  ~  an intricately researched and lavishly illustrated account of the Rise and Fall […]

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Beach Boys UK Competition | Flyer Designed by ME!!!

Enter to get to hang out with Mike and Bruce in UK and Ireland… See You THERE!! Post by Mike Love.

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34th Beach Boys Stomp – Carli Munoz – Special Guest

It was with great delight that the morning of the 21st September dawned.  Liz and I set off to the annual Beach Boys Convention, with the added excitement that we would get to meet Carli Munoz, who was in the Beach Boys touring band for most of the 70s when they were at the height […]

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Carli Munoz this years guest at The Beach Boys Stomp

BOOK NOW to meet Denny’s lovely friend Carli, who wrote the wonderful songs on Bambu Book here:

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Latest Site Build: Boyd Production Group

We at Boyd Production Group would like to publicly thank Lucy for reinventing our website and showcase all that we do both in music and film. Lucy quickly asserted herself and easily understood our needs. She has a keen eye for design. We noticed immediately the additional traffic to our site. Thank you for making […]

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THE LAST HUMAN | By Stephen John Kalinich

It’s been a while since I posted a poem of Stevie’s but he sent me this one today, and as always its wise and beautiful.  Thank you Stevie xx Reeds shaken in an effortless subtle wind snapped in two in four shattered and scattered through the void out into a cold emptiness. An earth where […]

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