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Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse – Book Review

This book just kept popping up everywhere, I read about it, heard songs that were inspired by it and saw pictures of it… so as they say in Twin Peaks; if three things happen pertaining to the same event one must pay strict attention, so I downloaded J I have read Herman Hesse many years […]

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Terence Stamp at the BFI

Whilst glancing through Time Out magazine last week, I saw there was an evening with Terence Stamp scheduled at the BFI for the following Wednesday.  I went straight onto the BFI website and booked two tickets.  I couldn’t believe my luck.  I read Terence’s brilliant autobiographies in the 80s and fell in love with him […]

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Ellamore, Synchronicity and Sweet Mountain

I am pondering synchronicity … years and years ago I did a tape for Eddi Reader and put all sorts if my favourite songs on there that I hoped she would like, little did I know that that simple act, meant that ten years later she recorded one of the tracks on the tape, Sweet […]

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Autographs – why do we collect them

I was wondering when and why we collect autograph’s as I have quite a collection of them myself, I don’t know why really, I guess it’s a lovely memento of when you meet someone of note.. here is what I have discovered: The earliest autograph we know of dates back to 2600BC and was on […]

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How to embed panorama 360 into a website

You can go to the 360 Panorama website and simply paste the code into a site, or for wordpress there some great plugins like the one I have used below [panoembed pano=”g3QzQ7″] http://highedwebtech.com/  

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RODRIGUEZ by Stephen Kalinich

One of the highlights of the year for me in 2012 was opening for Rodriguez at the El Rey in Los Angeles. I performed 07 Be Still from my Album with Brian Wilson A World Of Peace Must Come Alan Boyd played the organ and Tracy Landecker helped me with the performance and my friend Jill Jarrett […]

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DESKTOP JUKEBOX – The Jazz “Ambassador of COOL” is Gone

Hello Friend and Music Lover– Just heard the news about long time Jazz Great Dave Brubeck passing away earlier today. This is very sad news for me, mostly because he was one of the few Jazz figures who forced me to continue to explore Jazz music during my lifetime.  This is not to say I’m […]

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Using Twitter as a Customer Service channel

Customers have gone social so should you. Customers don’t want to be left waiting on the phone or waiting around for a customer service rep to call them back.  Emails can be impersonal and misunderstood.  Many businesses are turning to social media and in particular Twitter to speak to their customers. Twitter is a great […]

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What Your Self-image Says About You!

I was invited by a friend a few days ago to give a talk at a local entrepreneurs and business owners’ networking meeting. (We-Network Group) What do you say to skilful business people who clearly knew where they were going when they decided to set up their businesses and create their own destiny? It occurred […]

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Beach Boys Stomp 33rd Convention

It is with great pleasure that I have been asked to review the events of the 33rd Beach Boys Stomp Convention. A few months ago James Crowther approached me to help get the word out that the convention was back at its spiritual home of Greenford, a few years ago it had moved but most […]

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