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How do you live each day a friend asked me.What would you tell others? Stephen Kalinich

Here is some of my response. Every day start with a few seconds being Still. You do not need to go over board it could be a few seconds before you react to someone That goes after you attacks you verbally or in print. Hold back for a second do not react. Watch your reactions you […]

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The Book vs the EBook

I awoke early this morning, buzzing around in my brain was ‘Neil Young’ ‘The world is turning, I hope it don’t turn away’ (brownie points are awarded if you know the brilliant song that is from :-)’ I had a brilliant program last week in the ‘Imagine‘ series by Alan Yentob and it was all […]

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LITTLE BIRD – remembered Stephen John Kalinich

Every time i think of something different when I hear Little Bird but today I think how life God grace revealed it to me in a bird the key to creation creativity and all life and it was Dennis first raw melody that the lines inspired. Like it was pre ordained spontaneous a channel from […]

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Reflexology-Chi with Louise Exetor

I met Louise last January and for almost a year now have been very intrigued about what it is she actually does… So I decided to take the plunge. Louise is by and far one of the nicest people I have ever met, a very serene and wise lady, so I was more than happy to entrust her […]

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Testimonial from Stephen John Kalinich

Lucy Hall is an amazing talent with great energy and patience. She has transformed my website and twitter experience beyond my expectation and imagination. She is one of a kind and will be and is an asset to any company she does business with. I would highly recommend her as one of the nicest most […]

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Garry’s Case Study this week is on a Life Coach

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Stevie’s latest words of wisdom (I loved this one)

Being a good being is the most important thing in life. Fame dies. Money is a tool. The god that we embody as beings is what we create and that is the most crucial and essential aspect of being. People chase careers and notoriety and controversy but for me that is not what it is […]

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