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eddi-reader-5I am pondering synchronicity … years and years ago I did a tape for Eddi Reader and put all sorts if my favourite songs on there that I hoped she would like, little did I know that that simple act, meant that ten years later she recorded one of the tracks on the tape, Sweet Mountain, which is a little heard song by Brian Wilson but mainly David Sandler. I have written of this story before as it was amazing that one of my favourite singers is singing one of my favourite songs.  You can hear Eddi’s version here

As life takes its twists and turns I actually became great friends with David who wrote it via the powers of Facebook.  When I told him Eddi had sung his song he was just delighted and went out and bought a copy at his local record store over in Minnesota. He loved her version, as do I. Today there is another added twist to the Sweet Mountain story, last year I was hanging out with James Crowther and we were off to sweetsee The Beach Boys at the Royal Albert Hall in the evening and had time to kill, so he took me on a wonderful tour of London, we went to The Natural History Museum and along the way he showed me some things that I had probably walked past hundreds of times, for IMG_2421example bullet holes in a building In the center of London, that they had decided to leave as a memory to the events that took place there.  We were sitting in the Natural History Museum looking out at the huge Blue Whale which James was telling me all about and then as a smooth change of topic I showed him a video I had recorded the night before of a local girl group call Ellamore,  well the blue whale was soon forgotten, for James it was Ellamorelove at first sight. I played it a few more times, and during the best Beach Boys concert of their 50th anniversary tour at the Albert Hall, all he could think of was Ellamore!!!!  Soo  he has played them lots of times on his radio show on Reading 4u, and now as I sit here and write this they are live in his studio at the radio station, so he is on cloud nine, and they have just sung a great version of Sweet Mountain, David is listening live and loved it, and hopefully Eddi too!  So synchronicity, everything is linked if you look hard enough you will see that it is so…

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