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Our agency Local Exposure Limited was the 1st Agency to receive the Google Virtual Tour provider status and have one awards from Google for quality an excellence – see examples , website and attached flyer for info The Google Trusted Agency Street View Virtual Tour can be photographed with or without customers and staff in the pictures.

There are many other examples on our tours website

Should you wish it, we can also blur out any security equipment (locks/ cameras etc.), computer screens, or anything else at your request. Please make sure the paperwork, with the photographer, has this information on.

google-mapsPlease have any restaurant dishes or other products/ services prepared and ready for when we visit if you would like to show them off within your Google Trusted Agency tour or on the point of interest images (if you have subscribed to those)..

If your Google Trusted Agency photoshoot has more than 2-3 viewpoints then the Google Street View Virtual Tour starts outside of your business – approx. 5-10 feet from the front door. From the outside, our photographer comes through the open front door, walking through the business and capturing viewpoints at 4-15 foot intervals to provide the virtual walk-through of your premises.

google-mapsPlease be aware these shoots show everything in the customer areas of your business, from floor to ceiling. Everything you can see will be picked up by the camera.

The Google Trusted Agency Street View Photographer may also have some paperwork which you will need to complete prior to us being able to set the Google Street View Virtual Tour live.

Tours go live within 10 days,which of course can also be embedded into social media, websites ,blogs, emails etc

Any Questions your welcome to contact me

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Senior Consultant &Tour Bookings
Google Streetview Trusted/Google Virtual Tours
Local Exposure Limited
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