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34th Beach Boys Stomp – Carli Munoz – Special Guest

It was with great delight that the morning of the 21st September dawned.  Liz and I set off to the annual Beach Boys Convention, with the added excitement that we would get to meet Carli Munoz, who was in the Beach Boys touring band for most of the 70s when they were at the height […]

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Carli Munoz this years guest at The Beach Boys Stomp

BOOK NOW to meet Denny’s lovely friend Carli, who wrote the wonderful songs on Bambu Book here: http://www.beachboysstomp.co.uk

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Carli Munoz answers James Crowthers Question’s

Lets go back to when you were 16,you traveled to New York City with a rock band which you co-founded with Jorge Calderon entitled The Living End, AKA: Space, can you tell us about who else was in the band I was having the time of my life playing jazz at 14 with the top players in […]

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In My Soul – Carli Munoz

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Carli Muňoz answers my questions about his time with Beach Boys

I would love to know how you first got to play with the Beach Boys In the late 1960s I was living in NYC. It was in 1969 I that got an invitation from my friend and roommate Jack Rieley to accompany him to LA, California for the weekend. At first I declined the invitation […]

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