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Carli Munoz this years guest at The Beach Boys Stomp

BOOK NOW to meet Denny’s lovely friend Carli, who wrote the wonderful songs on Bambu Book here: http://www.beachboysstomp.co.uk

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In My Soul – Carli Munoz

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Carli Muňoz answers my questions about his time with Beach Boys

I would love to know how you first got to play with the Beach Boys In the late 1960s I was living in NYC. It was in 1969 I that got an invitation from my friend and roommate Jack Rieley to accompany him to LA, California for the weekend. At first I declined the invitation […]

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Autographs – why do we collect them

I was wondering when and why we collect autograph’s as I have quite a collection of them myself, I don’t know why really, I guess it’s a lovely memento of when you meet someone of note.. here is what I have discovered: The earliest autograph we know of dates back to 2600BC and was on […]

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Chat with Stephen Kalinich, Jon Tiven and James Crowther Spreecast today file under hilarious

Two legends, Sixto Rodriguez and Stephen John Kalinich,© Light In The Atic  

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