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Guest Post | Thegz Savvides | Loving Social Media

Humanizing your brand is one of the best ways to get interaction. Forever putting out content and calls to action simply doesn’t work. One day, someone came in to the opticians where Garry works and said to him, “you remind me of Scott Disick!” For those of you who don’t know, Scott is from the […]

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We tell our clients all the time the power of adding fresh content to their websites, and to add a blog, and to use social media, I have photographic proof that this is what google are looking for, I was checking the ranking of my site today and hovered over the image and look hat […]

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Loving Social Media, Feedback from our first event:-)

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BNI Winchmore Hill Lunchtime chapter

It was decided that I should look into BNI as part of our ‘Loving Social Media‘ business, I am already a member of the ladies group Athena which I love and have really seen help my business and have made new friends. Michael suggested I attend the BNI meeting today at the lovely Willow Restaurant […]

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mashable social media business

Wonder how long it will be until ‘Loving Social media’ is added to the list 🙂 http://mashable.com/2011/05/25/startup-weekend/

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Loving Social Media

Garry and I had such a great day today, hurtling around Enfield on our bikes planning and getting business for our new social media venture! We got our first client! and met a possible business partner so exciting times ahead! if you have any social media requirements please don’t hesitate to contact us http://www.lovingsocialmedia.co.uk/

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