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This what Stephen Kalinich has to say about Lucy’s Web Designs :-) thank you Stevie! xx

LUCY HALL has it all she will pick you up when you fall when you need someone she’s the one to call Lucy Hall this is her poem. Lucy Hal has a gift and more than one. Not is she only a creative web page designer and creative spirt in her own right but she […]

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THE LAST HUMAN | By Stephen John Kalinich

It’s been a while since I posted a poem of Stevie’s but he sent me this one today, and as always its wise and beautiful.  Thank you Stevie xx Reeds shaken in an effortless subtle wind snapped in two in four shattered and scattered through the void out into a cold emptiness. An earth where […]

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Dance yes the Dance.

Dance yes the Dance. The Dance and the Stillness that dances access regions and places no word or thought process can go and often free blocks open the body I believe in this and try in my own way to live elements of this. People say the world should be singing but also the whole […]

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Love when all seems against you – Stephen Kalinich’s New Years Message

Love when all seems against you love when you see violence in the world love in your every day life express love in acts done in quiet moments with no witness love is vast never falters love gives dance to sorrow comfort to one who struggles forgiveness is loves child grace in all your movements […]

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LITTLE BIRD – remembered Stephen John Kalinich

Every time i think of something different when I hear Little Bird but today I think how life God grace revealed it to me in a bird the key to creation creativity and all life and it was Dennis first raw melody that the lines inspired. Like it was pre ordained spontaneous a channel from […]

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Have you written a book but are finding it difficult to get a publisher? Kindle is the answer, the way forward. Let me help – I can design a front cover for you, get your book onto Kindle and before you know it you’ll be reaping the rewards. Here is an example of a book […]

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Still theme on Passing – Stephen John Kalinich

Be still And listen to the quiet waters they reveal mysteries and The awareness that is all around us the grace and divine Love is here to comfort us in our time of sorrow and knows the sparrow still sings and the spirit goes on does not die but changes into the eternal. Let us […]

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Stephen John Kalinich Website re-vamp

I decided as Stevie has a new album coming out soon that I would give his website a new look, I hope you all like happily Mr Kalinich is chuffed to bits 🙂

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