It soon comes round again, I had every intention of cycling there today, but as ever was flooded with e-mails so running behind schedule, so hopped in the car, checked I had enough change for parking, popped the ipod on and zipped off…  alas… the gods were against me though, or at least Enfield Council! I got to the pay machine and aghast with shock saw that they had put the prices up by about 50% so I only had enough money for 2 hours.. now need I say how we ladies all talk, so I knew this would be far from enough..  I was joined in my situation by Lorraine Day who was also coming along, she was lucky though a big chap had actually given her the money for the ticket as she presumed she would pay on exit, it got me to thinking their must be an easier way to do this… So we headed off for a shorter version of the Athena group (well for us two) still as ever Rosy managed to pack a lot in. I enjoyed a great chat with Andrea who is new to the group, she had recently had her ‘colours done’ by Pauline of house of colour and she looked great! sadly Pauline wasn’t around to witness her handy work as she was on holiday in Florida!

Rosy spoke at the beginning of the meeting of forming a strategic alliance  with people, and posed the question who would we like to see join the group, who she felt would be of benefit to the existing members, and then put together an exercise to try and improve our 1 minutes, thus making me even more stressed about it than usual.

There were some brilliant ‘minutes’ this week, Antoinette read out a brilliant self penned poem!  and Tracy read out a brilliant quote that went something along the lines of ‘we have never had any more time, we have all the time there is’ which was just about right for me as my parking ticket was up.. so had to leave them all too it.  Thanks for another great meeting Rosy and next month I really will come along on my bike!

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